byGAKU Yurakucho OIOI 2020
(November 24~December 6, 2020)


15 large scale works were exhibited in a 160 square meter space at Yurakucho Marui. This was GAKU’s first solo exhibition at a commercial facility in Tokyo, but as many as 780 people visited in two weeks.
“Unlike a museum where people come for the purpose of looking at paintings, in Yurakucho Marui, people came who were not necessarily interested in art. Many of the visitors said they felt “tremendous amount of energy”, “the paintings made them feel happy”, and “there is so much variety to the art, it’s difficult to imagine that all of it was done by one artist”.
Hearing these comments, I became, once again, confident in GAKU’s talent.” (Coco).

Makoto Saito, a leader in the design industry, also visited the exhibition. We were honored to receive his comment that “the exhibition is a comforting space like being showered with pure power. It’s very refreshing and soothing.”
Another person familiar with art who came in a wheelchair said, “I normally don’t like to spend more than 5 seconds in front of a painting I’m not interested in, but I can look at this painting for hours. This is such a rarity,” and he enthusiastically asked about the process of creating each piece, and was very interested in GAKU’s personality.
The art born from GAKU’s free and original mind must have the power to open various doors, and not just the “doors of art” in people’s hearts.

During the exhibition, TBS (BS-TBS “Trend Search”) did an in-depth piece on GAKU, and was very busy.
“GAKU understands his role well and always does his best. GAKU is very mature in his own way and is trying to learn how to live and deal with his traits. While the pace of his learning is very slow compared to that of his ability to draw, he’s definitely making progress. And I feel he is enjoying this process and everything that is happening now. And it’s just as fun for me as it is for him Not only the drawing, but also just working together and spending time together is becoming more and more fun.
When GAKU faces difficulties due to his autism, it’s painful for me as well. But we face it and overcome it together.” (Coco).

Makoto Saito, a leader in the design industry, also visited the exhibition.


byGAKU Yurakucho OIOI 2020