“Make the Earth Smile MUSEUM” TBS x Heralbony
(November 23, 2020~January 12, 2021)

3 of GAKU’s pieces were displayed at the temporary enclosure set up in Akasaka Sacas Square, the “Make the Earth Smile MUSEUM”, which was a collaborative project between TBS’s “Make the Earth Smile Week” and the experimental welfare unit ‘Heralbony’.
Two of the pieces were selected by TBS and upcycled into eco-bags that viewers can receive by applying through the program, and all three on display are sold as tote bags by Heralbony, just like in Higashi-Totsuka.

“As I thought in the previous exhibition at Gyre, GAKU’s art feels different when displayed alongside other so-called disabled art. I don’t know why.
GAKU’s paintings aren’t repetitive patterns, so it may be difficult to cut out a part of the art and create products like the other pieces ‘Heralbony’ usually works with. But I think that’s what makes GAKU’s paintings so appealing.” (Coco)

Nowadays, Coco sometimes feels that GAKU’s activities don’t have to stick to projects that have to do with welfare and disabilities.
“GAKU’s paintings don’t fall into any of the art categories I know of. So when asked, ‘What does it mean for GAKU to paint?’, I answer, ‘it’s GAKU’s way of communicating. It’s also the reason why there are many variations of the pictures he draws.
GAKU has a strong personality and is very sensitive, so there is a wide range of depth and breadth in the expression of the things that he feels with his five senses.” (Coco).

Of course, GAKU’s drawing became a tool that allowed him to be evaluated and have a sense of self-affirmation. However, more than that, painting is his daily conversation, and as his emotions grow, the range of his drawing is also expanding.
“Something really amazing happened recently. When GAKU and I were on the rooftop at dusk, GAKU said the lights of the passing cars were pretty. I was shocked because he had never expressed his feelings of anything that he saw.
I was excited to know that he had grown so much emotionally, and at the same time, amazed to know that he’s felt different emotions from his surroundings and storing them within, not knowing how to express them.
However, no matter how much GAKU grows every day, he is still severely autistic. He has to live with his strong impulsivity and obsessiveness towards particular things. There are many days where we have to fight through situations. That is our daily life.” (Coco).

Incidentally, the place where GAKU’s art was exhibited happened to be the place where TBS broadcasts their weather forecast, and GAKU was very surprised that his paintings appeared on TV, asking “What’s this!? Where?”.

「地球を笑顔にする MUSEUM」TBS×ヘラルボニー

TBSの企画「地球を笑顔にするweek」と福祉実験ユニット「ヘラルボニー」とがコラボした「地球を笑顔にする MUSEUM」にて、赤坂・サカス広場に設置された仮囲いアートミュージアムにGAKUの絵が3点展示された。そのうち2点はTBSに選ばれ、番組からの応募でしか手に入らないエコバッグに採用され、また展示された3点共が、東戸塚同様にヘラルボニーからトートバッグとして販売されている。




ちなみに、GAKUの絵が展示された場所は、たまたまTBSの天気予報の放送場所で、テレビに自分の絵が出ていることにGAKUは「what’s this!? where?」と、とても驚いたそうだ。