July 2019
Exhibition at GARDEN Tokyo


GAKU’s paintings were displayed at hair salon GARDEN Tokyo’s Ginza store. GARDEN’s Osamu Fukaya and Sato were old acquaintances.
They had met when Sato was working at Tokyo Girls Collection, and Fukaya had often come to I’m Inc.’s after school classes to give the children haircuts.

The purpose for this exhibition was to show 2 large size (160cm x 160cm) paintings and to get as much exposure as possible (besides the 2 large size pieces, he also showed 6 smaller pieces).
A 160cm x 160cm canvas is not something that even a skilled painter would tackle lightly.
It would be a once in a lifetime challenge. But GAKU, who had been painting for less than a year, finished those 2 paintings during a 4 day retreat.
He had gone to a mountain cabin in Kyushu with Coco (and a few other staff members), and spent the days concentrating on the pieces.
Seeing GAKU take on this large canvas without hesitation, Coco felt that “in order to capture GAKU’s overflowing emotions, the bigger the canvas the better”.

「GARDEN Tokyo」で展示

美容室「GARDEN Tokyo」銀座店の壁一面を借りて行った展示会。