SOCIAL ART MUSEUM Seibu Higashi Totsuka S.C. Gallery
(October~November 11, 2020)

Participated in ‘SOCIAL ART MUSEUM Seibu Higashi Totsuka S.C. Gallery’ put together by experimental welfare unit ‘Heralbony’. The exhibition was part of a regional revitalization art project where the walls of temporary scaffolding were decorated with art created by people with disabilities. Heralbony had held joint exhibitions in the past, but this was their first time holding a solo exhibition.
6 of GAKU’s pieces were displayed on the tarpaulin wall and after the exhibition, the material was remade into tote bags.

Coincidentally, Higashi-Totsuka is the city where GAKU was born. He lived there until he was 4 years old before he moved to Los Angeles. The Aurora Mall at Seibu Higashi Totsuka was built around this time.
“This exhibition is like a triumphant return for GAKU. I think that this story, the story of a hyperactive, non-verbal child becoming an artist and returning to his hometown for an exhibition, is what made this project so much more meaningful.
Even if it was by chance, displaying his work in the shopping mall that he used to run around in when he was a child, is a story that is unique to GAKU.” (Coco).

GAKU seemed to remember this city well and visited three times with Coco, perhaps out of nostalgia and happiness.
“Usually, GAKU wants to leave as soon as he’s done with his errand, but he was repeatedly going back and forth around the temporary enclosure where his work was displayed, and afterwards he took me around various floors. It was as if he was trying to show me around his old stamping ground. Like he was trying to share with me his memories with his parents, that time he ate at the food court, when he ran around the different floors and the rooftop.
It was an emotional event that gave me the opportunity to see a side of GAKU I hadn’t seen before. GAKU seemed so happy, eating at the same place, and running around on the same roof top. On the way back, he pointed towards the direction of where he used to live from the top of a pedestrian bridge.
“GAKU’s house!” he repeatedly exclaimed. Even though he was small and couldn’t communicate, he understood everything, and remembered everything.” (Coco).


福祉実験ユニット「ヘラルボニー」が企画する、障害のある人が描くアート作品で仮囲いを彩る地域活性型のアート・プロジェクト「SOCIAL ART MUSEUM 西武東戸塚S.C.ギャラリー」に参加。今まで「ヘラルボニー」は複数のアーティストの絵を合同で展示してきたが、今回は初の単独アーティストによる展示企画となった。仮囲いのターポリンにGAKUが描いた6点の作品を掲出し、展示の後はトートバックに製造され販売されている。