July ~ August 2020
Return to Setagaya Art Museum


GAKU’s second show at the Setagaya Art Museum was held in a space 4 times larger than his first exhibition, an impressive 170 square meters. Through his experience showing in New York, GAKU has grown and evolved tremendously as a painter, and 140 of his best works were presented.
Despite it being during the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition attracted more people than anyone expected. “GAKU’s drawing skills improve enormously with each large exhibition. His self-esteem has increased, and you can see it reflected in his art.
The more he draws, the better he becomes at expressing his inner emotions, and the more range he begins to show,” says Coco. “Every experience is just a stepping stone for GAKU and he continues to grow and evolve every day.”
Immediately after the Setagaya exhibition, for the first time, GAKU experienced creative block. “I can’t draw!” he said.

Until then, GAKU drew what he wanted to, where he wanted to draw it, then looked at the overall balance and filled in the space. But this time, he was told to think before drawing, something he hadn’t drawn before.
Coco recalls, “His hand was shaking. ‘Coco-san! Tell me what to do!’ he said tearfully. He asked for help again and again. I’d never seen him like that. GAKU struggled, but as a result, he came to understand the concept of composition. He’s becoming more self aware as a professional artist.” Coco wants to challenge GAKU even further.
What if he’s given a small canvas and certain conditions? How about using metallic paint? What will GAKU draw next? Coco can’t wait.

2020年7~8月 世田谷美術館で再び


はじめの筆をどこに置くべきか、GAKUは考え、苦しみ、その結果、今までにない構図という概念に気づいた。プロのアーティストとしての自覚がどんどん大きくなってきているのだろう」(Coco) そんなGAKUに、Cocoは今後、いろいろな実験を仕掛けたいと考えているという。
小さなサイズのキャンバスに条件与えて描かせたらどうなるだろう? メタリックの発色の絵の具で描かせたらどうなるだろう? GAKUは、次は一体どんな作品を生み出してくれるのか――Cocoは楽しみでならないという。